UNED (Spanish University of Distance Education)

“On the occasion of the celebration of the First International Seminar of the Department of Social Work of our Faculty of Law, we called on the services of NAKOM translators and interpreters given the large number of foreign speakers. The extraordinary work carried out not only deserved the praise and approval of the guests and professors of our Department, but also of all the attendees, who did not hesitate to bring it to my attention as Coordinator of the academic event. I have no doubt that this precedent will allow for further collaborations in the future. My thanks to NAKOM for their high level of professionalism”.

Alfredo Hidalgo Lavié
Coordinator of the Seminar “Soledad, duelo, dolor y muerte en tiempos de pandemia. Una perspectiva desde la profesión” (“Loneliness, Mourning, Pain, and Death in Times of Pandemic. A Perspective from the Profession”).

Project details

On November 30, 2020, NAKOM had the pleasure of providing its remote interpreting service at the First International Seminar of the Department of Social Work of the UNED, with presentations that addressed loneliness, pain and death in times of pandemic and how to act in the face of these. This event was held virtually with attendees, listeners and speakers from Spain and abroad.

1 project manager
1 specialised interpreter
Sound and equipment-set-up technicians

“The UNED has worked with NAKOM Traductores e Intérpretes on several occasions and our experience has always been excellent. The last opportunity we had to work with them was at the 5th World Forum on Lifelong Learning, which took place from 27 to 29 September 2017 at the UNED. This event was a huge success and the interpreters were highly commended for their work.”

Mónica Sarabia

Project details

At the 5th World Forum on Lifelong Learning, NAKOM was a strategic partner at the events the company participated in, thus ensuring the success of the interpreting. The forum gathered together hundreds of people from almost 20 countries. Over a dozen of our interpreters were working in 10 booths every day covering all the presentations and round tables in the ES<>EN and ES<>FR combinations.

1 project manager
1 lead interpreter
12 specialised interpreters
Sound and equipment-set-up technicians

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