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‘My experience with NAKOM has been very satisfactory. Their response, which has always been fast and reliable with an excellent outcome, has allowed us to meet the demands of our customers in extremely short timeframes.
I am especially pleased with their meticulous quality control, which means they can handle highly technical documents.’

Eugenio-Félix Gómez Jené
Director of Oil & Gas Projects

Project details

Sworn translation of 32,000 words (EN>IT) in two working days

For this sworn translation, we managed a team of specialised expert linguists and ran strict quality checks to provide an optimal outcome in record time. The peace of mind that comes from knowing our clients can submit perfect projects on time is all the satisfaction we need.

1 project manager
1 person from the back-office department
6 translators specialised in engineering
1 reviser specialised in legal and financial translation Final sworn translator as a reviser

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