Technology and Innovation

Entrust us with your large, specialised and urgent projects and our team of translators and linguists from all over the world will work together at the same time to ensure an impeccable outcome.

Clients can rest assured throughout the process that everything is being taken care of by expert project managers.

Technological Integration

At NAKOM we use the latest technologies to deliver quality and we continue to innovate to offer global language solutions tailored to each client. We combine a number of cloud translation tools and technologies to help us optimise work processes and provide a transparent and comprehensive service as a result of our encrypted management.

Client Portal

One of NAKOM’s main goals is customer care, as we seek to simplify our clients’ tasks and increase the effectiveness of their communication.

That’s why NAKOM created the Client Portal, an exclusive platform that enables us to have a responsive and personalised relationship with our clients, as it allows them to monitor every aspect of their projects in real-time and gives them access to documentation, invoices and reports.

Translation Memories

Translation memories are databases containing previously translated documents in every language combination. They can analyse repetitions across documents, terminology used in various contexts and other linguistic preferences to ensure all translations are coherent and meet rigorous quality standards.

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