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Other News


In this section you will find a news grid of current events beyond the translation and interpreting sector which, in one way or another, are related to our profession, such as events in the linguistic field, or topics related to our specializations.


The Partido Popular has asked the Government to create a judicial translators and interpreters register that would depend on the Ministry of Justice to cover a legal loop-hole. That said there already exists a charter for sworn interpreters, a title offered by the Ministry of foreign affairs, which is not always refered to in trials.

Judicial or sworn translators?

In the same vein as our previous post, and given the growing demand of these sorts of documents, we are going to explain the necessary steps for making a notarial document valid in Saudi Arabia

Sworn translation for Arabia Saudi: case study

In this post, we've come up with a summary of the most relevant factors, related to the legalization of translated documents.

The legalization of documents and sworn translations

Our clients often have many questions when inquiring about translating a text or when arranging for a foreign speaker to attend one of their events.

Translation and Interpreting: Getting it Right

The crisis has hit all sectors, including the translation sector. There is no doubt that it has affected the volume of work, however, does that also mean a reduction in quality?

Quality in Times of Crisis

After several busy months full of activities and new projects, we've lots of news to share with you all.

Summing up!