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For urgente translations on tight budgets

Our Economy service is for urgent translation projects, perfect for high word counts on tight.

Confidential machine translation
Expert post-editing
Low price
Large amounts in record time
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Case study

They’ve used our Economy service…

“I only have good things to say about NAKOM and the fast, high-quality service they provided for me. I needed a text translated to Arabic in under 24 hours and they exceeded my expectations. They did the job in record time and at very competitive prices. Very professional and able”.

Manager, Round the World Spain

Service Description

The Economy translation service was created to respond to today’s translation needs to prioritize translation of high word counts at competitive prices with fast turnaround times. The result is a quick and easy-to-read text.

To do so, we use confidential machine translation engines and our translation memories to pre-translate the documents. Then we add the layers of a certified post-editor-translator’s proofreading that may be needed depending on the customer’s goals, the type of text, and its end use. Our post-editors and translators are native in the target language and specialists in the industry with at least five years’ experience.

Economy Basic
Economy plus
Machine translation
Final read-through & QA
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Economy service levels by translation need

We offer two options within this service depending on each customer’s needs and the project: Economy Basic or Economy Plus.

Economy Basic

Translation service for urgent projects looking for an understandable translation, usually for internal or personal use. Designed for documents where function is over form (spelling or style) to quickly gain a general understanding of the text. We recommend using this service for purely informative texts.

With this service level, we pre-translate with machine translation using our confidential engines and apply the translation memories we choose for each project.

This level can handle approximately 16,000 words a day.

Economy Plus

Level for projects that don’t require an expert tone but do need more accuracy than Economy Basic provides. The result are accurate and stylistically appropriate translations with no grammatical or terminological errors, faithful to the original text’s content.

With this service level, we pre-translate with machine translation using our confidential engines and apply our specialized translation memories and a specific terminology memory for the project as aids during the final read-through by the post-editor and for the end quality check.

This level can handle approximately 6,500 words a day.

Economy Basic
Economy plus
Understandable publication
Stylistically appropriate publication
Basic rules.
May be inconsistent
According to the rules of the target language
Most obvious mistakes are corrected
Consistent, but may contain mistakes
The terminology is appropriate and consistent
May contain errors
The translation reflects the meaning of the source text
Adaptations needed (currencies, date and time format, etc.)
Correct and fluent

Comparative table of the two Economy service levels

Types of texts we recommend for Economy

This service is recommended to translate:

Translation of in-house company memos and presentations

Documents used in-company or for private use don’t always need to be as accurate as official documents do. This service is perfect to obtain a translation with the quality needed to understand it correctly, and to save on costs.

Translation of general documentation

At NAKOM we recommend purchasing Business or First Class services mainly for more specialized documents, ones in which choosing the right word is paramount.  There are, however, some documents that address general tops and don’t have any specific terminology. Using our Economy service will lower costs and is ideal for large word count projects that need to be translated quickly.

Website translation

Translation (localization) of websites is a major step in any company’s internationalization. It is essential to reach a target audience that doesn’t share the original website’s language and no expense should be spared to make sure that the translated website successfully does its job. At NAKOM, however, we know that you don’t always have the budget to do so. That’s why, to try to lower costs and focus on what matters, in those cases when purchasing another translation level isn’t feasible, after studying each case, the Economy level may successfully do the job of translating the website.

Do you need to translate your documents in a rush? Are you looking for an inexpensive translation that gets the job done?

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