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15% off translation and interpretation for new customers 

At NAKOM we believe in the importance of moving forward together. If something’s important to you, it’s important to us. That’s why we want to celebrate each new step with everyone who needs our translation services and take it together. And we want to show you how much we value your trust: from now on, your first project will have a discount of up to 15%. We’re looking forward to meeting you and working together!


After almost twenty years in the industry, in which we have had the honour of working with truly great customers, we have learned from each of them and adapted to the needs of each and every project, adding new services to the ones we already had and modifying others to provide you with the highest quality and most finely-tuned service. We can offer you an expert “Business” service, which includes a translation by a certified and specialised translator with NAKOM’s final quality control or an expert “First Class” service, which, in addition to the above, includes a second check and proofreading by another certified and specialised translator prior to our quality control. If your project needs are different, we can offer you the “Economy” service, aimed at large translation projects at affordable prices. Just let us know what you need!


Why work with NAKOM? It’s very simple. For one, we surround ourselves with top specialised translators, creating teams of linguists working in their mother tongue who are experts in the project’s field. We also use the latest technology so that the service we offer is impeccable: we have online translation memories where we store each customer’s terminology to ensure consistent and high quality final documents. Our goal is to adapt to you and offer you the custom-fit service that your project deserves.


What if it’s a big rush job? Not a problem! We can take on large projects with tight deadlines without compromising quality thanks to our amazing professionals and the technology we mentioned above. The proof’s in the pudding. We took care of SUEZ Group Spain’s 93 000-word sworn translation from English to Spanish in 14 days, Cobra Industrial Plants’ rush 32 000-word sworn translation from English to Italian in 2 business days, and the Abogados Ramón y Cajal’s 16 000-word legal-financial terminology document from English to Spanish in 48 hours over one weekend.


Feel free to check out the other customers who have already trusted us on our website. We hope our next successful project is yours.


Request a quote over our website or send us an email.  We’re sure that once you get to know us, you’ll want to work with us again!


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