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10% discount for our customers on their first Economy project


At NAKOM we’ve been offering our translation and interpreting services for almost two decades and learning with each and every one of our customers. The key to our growth together has been listening to each other. In other words, we engage in constructive dialogue and reach solutions adapted to the needs of each customer at each moment in time.

That is why we have added our Economy service to our Business and First Class services, so our customer can adapt their quality expectations and budget to each of their projects. Thus, they will choose from a range of services offered at NAKOM accompanied by our ongoing advising.

Economical rapid turnover translations for large projects 

We created our Economy service to quickly and inexpensively turn over large projects. As a result, the final product is an easy- and quick-to-read text without as much focus on spelling, punctuation, or style and more on getting its point across.

For this service we use NAKOM’s own fully confidential machine translation engines combined with our translation memories. First, we pre-translate the documents and then we have expert professionals proofreading the texts in tune with the needs of each customer.

In order to get this flexibility, the NAKOM’s Economy service includes two levels: Economy Basic and Economy Plus. On one hand, Economy Basic produces understandable translations, generally for internal or personal use. On the other hand, Economy Plus produces stylistically correct translations without any grammatical or terminological mistakes that are true to the original text. In short, this new service is for large amounts you need fast on a tight budget for texts that get the job done.

And to celebrate its launch we are offering all of our customers a 10% discount off their first Economy project.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we’d love to help you with your next project.

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